Manual operation of the testing process will be too difficult for a large volume of PCBs. Therefore, the automation of PCB testing becomes necessary

A lot of industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor or aerospace have enjoyed the benefits of automation.

Our automated test and measurement solutions have reduced costs, improved throughput, and optimized production flow.

We specialize in intelligent software implementation in a variety of test environments. From simple to complex testing needs, our engineers can optimize your system, making the transition from manual tests, performed by the operators to automatesd test which require minimal human intervention. Finally, placing the control and execution of tests into the hands of our clients is our main objective. We aim for end-user ownership for each deployed solution.

Project model
Project model approach

Our process always starts with a specific product and how it needs to be tested. We will combine here the customers knowledge about the product with our test expertise. Next we will agree on the design of the test for optimizing test coverage, stability and time.

Based on the test specification, we always provide a detailed budget. We always do reviews with our customers in the design phase and before manufacturing to assure that everything works as planned.