Machine vision will improve quality assurance and cost efficiency

Lowering the production cost, upgrading the quality control measurements and compliance with the growing demand deadlines, are some of the reasons why more and more part manufacturers are choosing test automation.

Attaining these objectives is impossible with human inspection for many reasons, therefore a machine vision system is the best alternative.

More specifically, this computer-based inspection system is designed to perform quality measures like detect objects, colors, texture defects, find edges, inspect contours, read text and matrix codes, count pixels in real time, etc., ensuring all parts are intact, precise and in proper place.

Tippman uses NI Vision as a solution in configuring the aimed quality measurements.

Feasa LED Analyzer

For LED measurements, we are using Feasa. Each LED Analyser allows for simultaneous testing of up to 20 different light sources for color and intensity – brightness. Light from the LEDs is transferred by optical fibers and transported to the LED Analyser board for accurate measurement and analysis.

Fixture with Feasa LED Analyzer
Fixture with Feasa LED Analyzer